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What is Metapass?

Metapass is a collection of animated NTFs - Small booklets that contain the bearer's name, place of birth, date of birth, the date of issue, date of expiry, ID. number, photo and signature. There are several types of Metapasses depending on the status of the bearer in the Metaverse

Just Another NFT?

No. Not only is the Metapass Nft hand-made, it is also personalized for you. Yes, We take the time to create art that is customized & tailored specifically for you. 

Why Should I Buy It?

This NFT allows you to participate in building the virtual world

we are calling MetaMania & receive profit shares if the project 

makes it to the Metaverse.


What is Metamania?

MetaMania is a collection of interactive 3D Spaces that will host 3D Avatars.

We are working on a huge library of 3D scenes, that include, virtual schools, prisons,

playgrounds, museums, clubs, and much more.

Variables 2_.png

We will  create an FBX Model of your Metapass

which you will receive by Email along with a personalized animation

of your Metapass and an OpenSea link to your NFT.

How Can I Re-Sell A Personalized NFT?

You are the artist. If you plan on re-selling your NFT,create a fictional persona


Why should I Trust you?

-We grant full access to our  project files through google drive.

-We offer 24 hour live-streaming services.You will be able

to watch our artists as they create the 3D Models.

-You will be able to monitor the 3D Modeling progress through our website.

-You will receive weekly progress reports about the building phase


We are not making a promise our of thin air. Our virtual spaces are already

being developed. We have more than 12 spaces that are almost

ready for the Metaverse. (Click the "Take A Tour" button above)

The Art:

Unique, to say the least. The art embeds your name, photo,

 date & place of birth, a unique serial number, and a variation

of 3D graphics tailored specifically for you.

WEB 3.png

Remember, This is not an official document 

This is Art.... Go Crazy!


The Risk:

If our project does not make it to the Metaverse, or if, for some reason,

the Metaverse is never created. If we make no profit at all from our project.

We will invest your money in our animation services and refund you.

But, let us hope for the best.



Our NFT is personalized & Hand-made.

We require a downpayment of 25$ in order to generate the artwork.


The artwork will be delivered to you through your email.

The NFT will be minted directly on for you to purchase

as per the prices listed below:


Personalized NFT Prices:

Civilian Passport 0.042 ETH

Official Passort 0.10 ETH

Diplomatic Passport 0.35 ETH

Dividing Equity

Founders 50 to 70%

NFT Holders 20 to 30 %

Option Pool 10 to 20%

Total 100%

After Purchasing the NFT you will receive an E-mail containing the following:

-Google Drive Project File Access

-Live streaming Platform Access

-Website Login Access

-Your First weekly Report


By 3DManiacs

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