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In my 20 years of brand management and agency work, I have seldom worked with a supplier that reflects a higher creativity, efficiency, and work ethics like Aref. He has been one of my preferred vendors for over 10 years. My brief always involve a challenge, and he never ceases to amaze me with his problem-solving skills.

Sahar Dumyati


We’ve been working together for a couple of years and our relationship is growing stronger with every project completed. Visualization of the healthcare solutions that Neo provides is a very complicated task and Aref just makes our lives so much easier.

Kamel Demiati

Washington DC

Aref is one of the most professional and talented person I have worked with. He always exceeds my expectation every time he delivers a job

Samer Khalil

United Arab Emirates

Very talented, professional and above all Aref has a beautiful character he is always happy to help and works as needed to get the perfect result!

Carol Naime


Very professional and amazing person! Highly recommended

Christelle Skaf


Thank you for your service & Professional work

Olaf Rudoflsen


Amazing job and very professional am happy to work with you good luck

Ouassila Brabez


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